Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met? How did it happen?

I working in a clinic, a film crew came to film a scene with François Cluzet, he exchanged a few words with the staff on the spot (only women in the maternity ward), he told us that we were doing a , he was polite and charming, very simple at first, and gentle, not the to have a big head. A very nice meeting, of course I was young, shy and impressed. It seems to me it was for the movie Russian Dolls.

As a teenager, I saw far away (and I didn’t dare to approach), in Arcueil in a shopping mall, in a Jean-Jacques Goldman sneaker shop.

Still in clinic I met Laura Flessel during pregnancy.

I also met a French athlete (between 2002 and 2008) in a small supermarket in the neighborhood … I lost her name … she nails so long that I it has marked me more than her name …

During my studies in Paris, I also met Dr. Patrick Pelloux. He hasn’t changed. Motivated, inspired, full of passion for the defence of emergencies and emergency doctors, material and human resources.

Since I left the Paris area, I not meet people…