The French ambassador in Beijing had alerted the Head of State in December 2019 about the dangers of the coronavirus. Why didn’t Emmanuel Macron anticipate?

Macron didn’t anticipate a whole list of actions he should’ve anticipated

health announced that this was not a new disease.

had no chance of spreading to France… until the when

were getting and filling up the hospitals, but then they let us know that wearing masks was not necessary… that it was useless!

In the midst of the spread of the virus, Macron wanted to proceed with the , saying that democracy had to be respected.

Hospitals and medical staff were running out of gowns, gloves, masks… this had not foreseen… and until last week masks were still not enough for everyone…

And mistakes that I not quote … he wants to let all the EU enter France within the limits of the Shengen sand to quarantine … Let’s see what he did not plan again … . Other contagions coming from as far away as Lithuania, Latvia, Finland etc…