Why is Agnes Buzyn giving up her place to Olivier Veran?

Agnes Buzyn is “as much a doctor” as Véran since she is a haematologist. She is not incompetent as some people complacently say, but she comes from civil society like other ministers and like some other ministers of before her: such as Mrs Barzach who was minister of at the time of Jacques Chirac and who was a gynaecologist.

It is a trying position and the context was a trying one for her. We could already see that she was “before” and that she was a bit withdrawn during the whole pension .

All those who come from the civil society have to a double difficulty: not only their field of competence, but the discovery of political life. We could see it for Mrs Nyssen, for Mr Hulot or for Mrs Loiseau: it was .

We can therefore say that the resignation of Benjamin Griveaux is a bit like “opportunity makes the thief”. an opportunity for her to .

Can one nevertheless “take up” a political programme that is not one’s own along the way? Does she really to mayor of ?

It’s a bit of a shame that this could appear to be a way of “re-appointing” a minister, just as Mrs Loiseau was “re-appointed” as the head of the list in the European .

We can already say that Mrs Buzyn most probably not be the next mayor of Paris.