Why is Cédric Villani not automatically designated as the LREM candidate for municipal elections after the withdrawal of Benjamin Griveaux?

Because political parties:

do not recognize

mistakes; they discreetly adapt to the situation and hope that no one notices;

in the caporalist system of the Fifth Republic, favoring

blind loyalty and obedience to the detriment of political imagination or autonomy, whatever the effects on the relevance of their political offer.

It’s a bummer, isn’t it? If Benjamin had polished his leek before Macron (sorry, activists 😂🤣) chose him and Villani, the spider have the REM candidate. now,

he disobeyed

! He must remain punished, in the corner, in the darkness! We won’t talk to him anymore!

A reunification of the Villani and Griveaux lists would be the last chance for the REM to conquer the Paris town hall, a victory that is so symbolic for this party that is still looking for itself. But the authority and the

of the leader are more important the victory itself. So we’re to appoint another marquis or piss-taker to lead the lists, but at the same time ensure that Villani is not elected, so that his indiscipline is properly punished.

This is not the first time this pattern has occurred.

Jacques Chirac’s failure in the 1988 presidential election, which had seemed unstoppable for the right two earlier, what did RPR do? Changed its leader, officially abandoned the semi-thatchereal programme that had sent them into the wall?